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Very big CVV shop

Discussion in 'Verified Vendor ( Selling )' started by ASTRA, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

  2. Tty

    Tty New Member

    4537049887430016 | 01/23 | 422 | Visa | Classic | Credit | Bank of nova scotia | Valeri Volodine | | CA | ON | Toronto | 23 Fawnhaven Crt | M2R3R6
  3. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

  4. Rachel

    Rachel New Member

    Need working card and got 1000's of profiles from tech companies will trade
  5. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor temporarely doesn't work. Use or astraysgnh7u7ytq.onion
  6. bossauce223

    bossauce223 New Member

    bro can anybody point me to a good site for some logs?
  7. rolopolo1300

    rolopolo1300 New Member

    I Need cab can u help
  8. Nitro

    Nitro New Member

    i'll check this out
  9. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

  10. Heoldseita

    Heoldseita New Member

  11. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

  12. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

  13. David smith

    David smith New Member

    I need cc
  14. ScamiAm

    ScamiAm New Member

    hello I need good tracks
  15. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

    Never have. Sorry
  16. eeiti

    eeiti New Member

    any verified vendor
  17. Donnymagic

    Donnymagic New Member

    Need to buy from trust source any suggestions
  18. Lowkeyrichh1

    Lowkeyrichh1 New Member

    is your shop down? When i try to loggin it just keeps loading and loading , do you have an telegram or anything i can contact and keep with updates on your shop?
  19. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

    Temporarily only ICQ and jabber
  20. kashar007

    kashar007 New Member

    Hello sir the shop is down is there any other mirror or the shop is closed?
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