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Telegram Group ShadowCarders CREW

Discussion in 'Forum News / Updates' started by Alpha GOD, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. bgghvghh

    bgghvghh New Member

  2. Myanna

    Myanna New Member

  3. chedahboy

    chedahboy New Member

  4. Jesst1jp

    Jesst1jp New Member

    Did that
  5. ares

    ares New Member

  6. pslo

    pslo New Member

  7. shadow

    shadow Owner & Founder Staff Member

    its best group
    loginator2 likes this.
  8. dindin

    dindin New Member

    is that secure?
    loginator2 likes this.
  9. calfo1363

    calfo1363 New Member

    ok i want talk with you bro
    Peedon66 likes this.
  10. Bryan Lopez

    Bryan Lopez New Member

  11. Imariana Thurman

    Imariana Thurman New Member

  12. asju

    asju New Member

  13. Ashhh

    Ashhh New Member

    Please teach me and ill half every with you or a newbie your choice
  14. Ashhh

    Ashhh New Member

  15. Ashhh

    Ashhh New Member

    Really poor and somehow my friend sent me this link is it bull or am I starting to get some luck ?
  16. neonstar

    neonstar New Member

    can anyone vouch for this fella here?
  17. donavon johnson

    donavon johnson New Member

  18. devilluci

    devilluci New Member

    Hey is it good?
  19. Imparanoid

    Imparanoid New Member

    Is this the groups
  20. Moneymanheru

    Moneymanheru New Member

    Shadowcarders, one word, no spaces.

    Peace fam

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