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Newb down 1k and still haven't hit..

Discussion in 'Hello / Hi' started by SigmundFraud, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. SigmundFraud

    SigmundFraud New Member

    So guys.. if I don't hit soon I think I'm giving up on my whole fraud dreams.

    I think opsec is still my issue. And the fact that I'm still trying to card bigger sites. Where should I start to get my confidence up and some easy wins?

    Should I invest in Luxsocks? The 500 is sounding steep as I don't know if that will be the answer.

    Also Empire seems real hit or miss for valid cards where have you all had success?
  2. Alpha GOD

    Alpha GOD Administrator Staff Member

    Hello SigmundFraud welcome to our forum.

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