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Beware ccvstore.ru

Discussion in 'Scam / Complains' started by senpaikempachi, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. senpaikempachi

    senpaikempachi New Member

    DONT SEND YOUR MONEY TO CVVSTORE.RU! WRITE HERE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THIS RIPPERS! SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING! WHO ELSE HAS LOST HIS MONEY?? The website cvvstore.ru is just a big scam!! they are ripping money from users! they are RESELLING old dead cards in different websites! you can see right now they have 2 databases with the same name and the same cards but with different date (Jan_#06_Taiwan_Good the same as Jan_#04_Taiwan_Good) and those cards are being sold also in website http://www.cvv-me.su !! also the shop administrators take the only alive cards and put in the shop just bullshit dead cards!

    So this is how they work.. first they are selling only garbage DEAD cards.. then you come to the shop and send your bitcoins and buy cards.. as the cards are dead, you must use the CHECKER within 5 minutes.. but when you click on CHECK button.. ohh surprise!! the CHECKER doesnt works!!! it says error or it just does nothing! then you reload the page 100 times and click again in CHECK button... but nothing!! then you write a ticket to their shitty support and guess what?? that bastard PIDERAST of the support answer this...

    Supporter Why do you not use checker on warranty time? Our system show you not use checker on this orders. we can not refund if you not use checker !
    Please Read FAQ and RULE
    Always use checker even checker error

    And that is all.. YOU LOST YOUR MONEY!! and that Piderast ripped you!

    HERE I AM ADDING A VIDEO PROOF OF HOW THEIR CHECKER DOESNT WORKS AND HOW THEY DONT REFUND THE MONEY!! just click that link and you will see the video proof of how their checker is bullshit! DONT SEND MONEY TO THEM!

  2. brotherkimo

    brotherkimo New Member

    Vendors are getting screwed because they can't make money like they used to with honest bins because the banks are killing all of the numbers before they even have a chance to post them up. the malware that banks are using now is vicious. Since the numbers haven't been working in the first place vendors have decided to sell a bunch of track 2 generated numbers. That's the game since the beginning of 2019. So good luck and happy hunting. It used to be a vendor could put up 5,000 of the same bins and 70% would work back in 2012,2013,2014, and even 2015.​
  3. Alpha GOD

    Alpha GOD Administrator Staff Member

    Bad to hear about this, we will put this shop to the blacklist shop's. Thank you for your review GOOD POST.

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