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Very big CVV shop

Discussion in 'Verified Vendor ( Selling )' started by ASTRA, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

    Hi guys! Welcome to my autoshop.

    Over 1 millon CC available. All countries and types of cards
    Auto payment
    Any selection is free
    Daily updates

    Registration is free but account quantity is limited. If you cannot try 30-60 min later. Inactive accounts remove every hour and then you can register. If you will be inactive your account can be remove also.

    After registration read FAQ very attentively!

    Shop links
    TOR: astrash54cyqjt3e7nla26hzakjvbg5ckh47rmovcplegkkanaj3zcqd.onion

    Attention! After update next 24 hours I sell only via jabber and ICQ (95% valid). After cards upload in shop
    Also if shop under DDoS or maintenance I sell via jabber and ICQ

    ICQ: 2079684
    Jabber: [email protected]
    Send authorization request before to send a message. Due to spammers activity I blocked all messages from not authorized contacts.
    I have no other contacts!

    Paid topic will expire at 05/May/2020
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2021
  2. Hakeem Gardner

    Hakeem Gardner New Member

    Yo bro I need help
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  3. Det

    Det New Member

  4. bobb bob

    bobb bob New Member

    does thi count as a post
  5. Annan1

    Annan1 New Member

    Khan on shop
  6. stormy

    stormy New Member

    id like to buy
  7. cashmaster23

    cashmaster23 New Member

    Precaite it
  8. Jim jones

    Jim jones New Member

  9. Mike lawoski

    Mike lawoski New Member

  10. Cardi Bosch

    Cardi Bosch New Member

    I need tracks
  11. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

    I have CVV and nothing more
  12. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

  13. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Do you have 201 track?
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  14. Stevie007uk

    Stevie007uk New Member

  15. nunchuck305

    nunchuck305 New Member

    I need cvv
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  16. webmagic1

    webmagic1 New Member

  17. ASTRA

    ASTRA Verified Vendor

    Click Registration and get it
  18. Kleenswipe

    Kleenswipe New Member

    Need emv software
  19. DSB8799

    DSB8799 New Member

  20. minenotyours44

    minenotyours44 New Member

    Do you have dumps that can be written to blank card?

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