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Telegram Group ShadowCarders CREW

Discussion in 'Forum News / Updates' started by Alpha GOD, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. loginator2

    loginator2 New Member

  2. electrify

    electrify Member

    Thanks, will have a look.
  3. Dan_Cooper

    Dan_Cooper New Member

    Hi Everyone, thanks for thie forum
  4. oldccfart77

    oldccfart77 New Member

    Telegram is a security nightmare. I'd like to engage, but not with that POS
  5. damondelli

    damondelli New Member

    Hello im new here
    how is everyone
  6. Kyhackz

    Kyhackz New Member

    Hheelllo new here
  7. Alpha GOD


    Hello Everyone.

    Feel free to join our telegram group

  8. shadow

    shadow Owner & Founder Staff Member

    Everyone should join it
  9. Ojala

    Ojala New Member

    same here is this place legit ?
  10. holden

    holden New Member

  11. dronxoo

    dronxoo New Member

  12. Jejdndnsnsn

    Jejdndnsnsn New Member

  13. mickey104

    mickey104 New Member

    Gonna join thank you!
  14. MDLR

    MDLR New Member

  15. charles408lin

    charles408lin New Member

  16. shadow

    shadow Owner & Founder Staff Member

    best of best group
  17. HNDRX006

    HNDRX006 New Member

    these are so old

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