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Shadowcarders The only Legit forum

Discussion in 'Forum News / Updates' started by Alpha GOD, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. TequilaMockingbyrd

    TequilaMockingbyrd New Member

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  2. krook1120

    krook1120 New Member

    Dumps all around
  3. peterpan891

    peterpan891 New Member

  4. iulian jak

    iulian jak New Member

    Hello all :)
  5. Zanzibar00

    Zanzibar00 New Member

  6. shawnkay

    shawnkay New Member

  7. arrminh

    arrminh New Member

    I even think the admin and stuff of the forum are not active anymore. During last three or four days I come check serveral times . Thanks for still being active. I hope to learn and gain alot .
  8. Jayess0528

    Jayess0528 New Member

    same here
  9. Trackzntrackz

    Trackzntrackz New Member

    Just peepin trying to see wats up with sum fresh trackz...we can swap out some info message me

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