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Partner/Cashout advice

Discussion in 'Need / Buying' started by stillb0rn, May 1, 2022.

  1. stillb0rn

    stillb0rn New Member

    I have a lot of live CC, but I’m not able to cash out consistantly. I have cashed out a couple hundred here and there succesfully a couple times, but what I need is somebody to do business with long-term. I have access to DL, ID, passports, payslips etc. You name it - Ill make it. I have several bank accounts also, business and personal.

    Dm if interested. Im located in the EU.
  2. Alpha GOD


    Hello stillb0rn welcome to our forum first. Contact me in telegram i can help you.
  3. apocryphon

    apocryphon New Member

    Hi is this still avalaible?
  4. stillb0rn

    stillb0rn New Member

    Hi. Yeahk, def
  5. allycat69

    allycat69 New Member

    I need your help too
  6. Andrito

    Andrito New Member

    Still looking for someone?
  7. Dhenny

    Dhenny New Member


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