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Partner/Cashout advice

Discussion in 'Need / Buying' started by stillb0rn, May 1, 2022.

  1. stillb0rn

    stillb0rn New Member

    I have a lot of live CC, but I’m not able to cash out consistantly. I have cashed out a couple hundred here and there succesfully a couple times, but what I need is somebody to do business with long-term. I have access to DL, ID, passports, payslips etc. You name it - Ill make it. I have several bank accounts also, business and personal.

    Dm if interested. Im located in the EU.
  2. Alpha GOD

    Alpha GOD Administrator Staff Member

    Hello stillb0rn welcome to our forum first. Contact me in telegram i can help you.
  3. apocryphon

    apocryphon New Member

    Hi is this still avalaible?
  4. stillb0rn

    stillb0rn New Member

    Hi. Yeahk, def

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