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multiple scammers found

Discussion in 'Scam / Complains' started by Pimpaliciou$, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. Pimpaliciou$

    Pimpaliciou$ New Member

    If you come across the names "Tracerion", "Jadam", or a user that continually calls you "Bro" operating off of Text Now numbers trying to give you a sweet deal on cash app, WU, or whatever you might be interested in really, andinsist on BTC payment only, BIG TIME SCAMMERS! Very pushy and impatient, will try to show you outdated and old time stamped documents to lie to you, as well as try to convince you that the only thing standing between you and your$ is giving them your access code to your said cash app, bank account, whatever. Initially will tell you based on Eastern seaboard of the US, in reality, somewhere in Costa Rica. Their ads say they are looking for "long term partners or team members " to add on their telegram group or club. STAY AWAY FROM THEM, TRIED TO HACK MY LAPTOP, NOT VERY GOOD AT IT, BUT THEY TRIED.
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  2. BanditCamp

    BanditCamp Member

    Be very carefull when people are sending you links dont open or trust anything they send. Pushy people who consistently bother you to send money are rippers. Legit vendors generally do not beg for business.
  3. AsanteSana80'sG

    AsanteSana80'sG New Member

    good lookin' out

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